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About Us

We love the town we live in, Andover.  We love the community that makes up that town.  We love the people within that community. And we love events.  We love going to events, and being part of events.  That is simply where Andover Community Events was born.  In 2020 we saw a need for some happiness and hope during Covid times so set up the Santa Cruises.  The reaction was phenomenal and heart warming and within days we agreed that this simply must become a regular event.  But why stop there?  We have lots of ideas of how we can bring a bit of fun to Andover.  So, we decided to set up this Non-Profit organisation to allow us to put on some memorable days around our town, and we hope you will join us and take part.  Slowly over time we are hoping to introduce a series of regular, entertaining events that will give us all something to look forward to whilst raising money for local good causes. In 2023 after an 8 month process, we were honoured to be listed as a winner of the Non-profit Organisation Awards.

Have a Suggestion, or Why Not Be Part of the Team


As the song goes, "help, I need somebody, not just anybody", we need fun loving, outgoing, organised locals to help us achieve our plans.  Or maybe you have an idea for an event?  Maybe we could help you with your event?  Would you like to get involved with the planning of an event?  Or maybe you fancy helping out on the day?  A suggestion even for a possible Santa visit?  Whichever one is you please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


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